Random Line Media

Funny enough, the title of this post has nothing to do with it’s content. However, that makes it no less important.

Next week my production company, Random Line Media, will be launching a funding campaign via Indiegogo to try and get things started. So, I’ve been trying to collect all of my thoughts on why I want to start this company and why I think other people should support it as well. So here is just a little bit about the company and what I hope to accomplish with it;

More often than not, independent film makers and recording artists fail at making a successful career. But why? Why do they fail? Usually this comes down to one of two things; the means to be creative (equipment), or someone standing behind them to hold them up with they start to fall (support). Growing up in Nashville it was easy to see unsuccessful artists; they were on all the major street corners. It was scary to me because I grew up in a family full of musicians and singers, so naturally I wanted to be a famous recording artist. After seeing this same image time and time again I finally noticed that some of these people weren’t bad singers, on the contrary, they were amazing! But what did they lack? Why weren’t they getting anywhere? Well, that’s where my above two points came from.

Fast forward a few years to 2007. I was about to cross the threshold of middle school and become a, *gulp*, high schooler! (Cue dramatic music) I found out about a school in Florida called Full Sail that had an awesome film department, so I did some research, and viola, I became hooked on the idea of making movies. With this new found fascination came a whole new world; independent films.

So the first thing that I discovered about indie films is they can be absolutely horrid. The first feature length indie film I ever watched was called “Horrors of War”. It had almost a $20k budget, yet it sucked. The story was good, the actors were good, but the ADR, VFX, and even the editing ranged from sub-par to pure crap. (It only has a 3.4 of IMDB). Prior to seeing this I viewed film school as an option. I remember thinking to myself, “If people like Tarantino and Rodriguez can do it with out schooling, then so can I”, but boy did this film prove that wrong. The directors of the film were self taught. They thought they knew everything. They were wrong!

I realized that not only does it take money to make a film, it takes proper guidance.


Lets fast forward through time a bit further; I’ve graduated high school, been accepted to Full Sail, and have moved to Orlando, Florida. My girlfriend told me about this book called, “Me, Myself, and Bob” by a man by the name of Phil Vischer. Phil was the original founder of Big Idea Inc, the makers of Veggie Tales. This book tells the story of how his idea blossomed into a full fledged company, and went bankrupt overnight due to poor management. Reading this book spurred me into making my own company, a company like none before it. I wanted to create a production company whose sole purpose was helping people make something amazing out of their ideas.

Originally it was just going to be a film company, but thinking back upon my heritage I quickly decided to expand my idea out and also accept recording artists as well.

Now you may ask yourself, “What? He want to help people make something amazing out of their ideas? What does that even mean?” Well, here is what it means; I want to help people jump start their career. I want them to go from being the dark horse, to the prized stallion. Helping people reach their goals and dreams gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment possible, and I want my company to be the same way.

There are three major things I’d like to have to make all this possible:

  1. A sound stage – built just for indie artist
  2. A small, but fantastic, recording studio
  3. A stockpile of equipment for use by the artists

So, at this point, only time will tell if my idea with even see the light of day. As of right now it is just a gleam in my eyes and a cluster of neural pulses in my brain. Stay tuned for more info on the funding campaign and how you can help!